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After showering, my skin has a smoother feeling!

We are pleased to give a testimony of how we are benefitting from using the Aqua Pure water system. We have seen several immediate changes.

The taste of the water from the reverse osmosis system is fresh without an aftertaste. It even tastes fresh from our refrigerator compartment.

There is a noticeable change in our shower. Prior to the installation of our water system, there was a film that would accumulate on our glass shower doors in addition to spots of a mildew-like stain on the shower floor. We would have to clean the shower weekly. It is amazing how these conditions have changed. Honestly, I have gone three weeks without cleaning the shower. Even then, the film is not noticeable on the shower doors.

After showering, my skin has a smoother feeling. We had a guest at our home who commented on how his body felt after showering. He stated that parts of his skin didn’t have the “ashy appearance” that it usually had after showering.

During the demonstration of the water system, the Aqua Pure representative cleaned our microwave door with the water only! (with no detergent). It cleaned all of the grease film from the microwave. My husband tried it recently after cleaning the kitchen after dinner. He said, “This really works!” and and had me to come in and observe it.

Lastly, we are extremely pleased with the customer service. Our representative returns our calls promptly (within the day of the call – sometimes within the hour) when we have had questions.


Robert and Evelyn S. Winston Salem, NC

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